Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snowed In on Christmas Day!

We were snowed in on Christmas Day! Not only was it snowing, but the winds were blowing hard. There was no visibility until the evening. We were not able to go to visit any family so we stayed home all day.
Ashley woke up at 4:45 am! We told her to go back to bed! We all got up around 6:15 am because the girls could not wait any longer. Despite not getting to see our families, it was a wonderful Christmas! We relaxed, the girls played with their new stuff, and we watched movies. Of course we had to go shovel so we could get out the next day. We shoveled in the early evening when there was a break in the snow. Wow, it took us two hours of shoveling! We had 4-4 1/2 foot piles of snow in our yard after shoveling, so we went sledding in our front yard! The girls loved it!


Kaye and Mike said...

Looks like fun in the snow. Although I don't envy the shoveling. Christopher has had a lot of fun in the snow with his friends. We aren't used to such weather here in Seattle!

Kaye and Mike said...

Oh, one more thing . . . your girls sure are growing up fast and turning into lovely young ladies.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much the girls are growing especially Carrie. Looks like you made lemonade out of lemons on Christmas day. I remember my Dad making snow slides for us as kids on our stairs in our back yard. It was great fun as a kid.