Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Mother's Nutcrackers

While Debbie was here at Thanksgiving, we were able to go through my Mother's Christmas decoration and split it up. It was fun to be able to reminisce about the ornaments and decoration that we have had since children. The best part was dividing up my Mother's Nutcrackers. My Mother has collected Nutcrackers for a while now. Most of them she purchased when Karrie and Jacob were little. When Karrie was little, she adored my Mother's Nutcrackers. She would play with them all the time (and my Mother let her). Karrie and my Mother shared a love of Nutcrackers. She used to tell Karrie before Christmas "I hear the Nutcrackers chattering in the boxes. They want to come out for Christmas!" Karrie would giggle and get so excited! My Mother started buying the Grandkids one nutcracker every year. Karrie and Ashley have quite a collection that they put in their rooms at Christmas. Karrie and Ashley helped me pick ones out as we divided them up. One of Karrie's favorites is a white Russian Nutcracker. She remembers this as being her favorite and playing with it all the time when she was young. You will notice that he is missing a nose. Actually, a few of the nutcrackers are missing parts, because my Mother let the Grandkids play with them so much. But that makes them even more special!
I also have a picture of a little tree that I got from my Mother. It is decorated with some of the ceramic ornaments she made and also with some ornaments from my childhood.

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nathan n rachel said...

I remember those nutcrackers! I loved them. She would let Olivia play with them too when we'd come and visit during the holidays.