Thursday, June 17, 2010

May Updates

Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial Day weekend we had a bar-b-cue with family. It was fun to get together and re-connect with my Sisters, Cousins and my Aunt and Uncle.

Back L t0 R: Emily Sorenson Parker, Eric Sorenson, Jenny Compton, Breta Wilkerson Sorenson
Front L to R: Debbie Shaw Andersen, Bonnie Shaw Jones, Amy Shaw Sanford

After the bar-b-cue, we had Jacob, Austin and Tessa (Karrie and Ashley's cousins) spend the night. They had a lot of fun!!

My Dad's Choir Concert

On May 22nd, we went to Assembly Hall on Temple Square to see my Dad perform with the choir he is in. The choir is called "Wasatch Chorale". They did a very good job and it was very enjoyable.

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nathan n rachel said...

I didn't know your dad was in a choir! I didn't even know he liked to sing.