Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Tribute to my Aunt Lillie

Jenny (my cousin) called me on Saturday afternoon and was crying. I knew even before she told me, that her Mother (my Aunt Lillie) had passed away.  I was not completely shocked, as she had been in the hospital for nine weeks after open heart surgery.  But, I cried along with Jenny, because my heart went out to her and her family left behind.  Aunt Lillie had been struggling with numerous health issues since her surgery.  She was suffering so much! I am so happy for her to finally be with her parents (my Grandparents) and my Mother! What a wonderful reunion that must have been! In the past six years we have lost Granddaddy Wilkerson (2004), Grandmother Wilkerson (2008), my Mother (2009), and now my Aunt Lillie (2010).  My Aunt Breta is the only one left of the Ben and Lillie Wilkerson family.
I want to let my cousins, Kaye, Ben and Jenny know how much I love them and I am here for them.  As I have been through this, I know how hard it will be.  You will miss your Mother every day for the rest of your mortal life, but with time your grief will get better. I pray the Lord will bless you and your Dad with comfort and peace!
Lillie Deaton Wilkerson Compton was the oldest of three girls born to Benjamin and Lillie Wilkerson.  She was my Mother's oldest sister by four years. She was a beautiful and petite lady and I have many fond memories of her.  She is the one responsible for getting my parents together.  She has told me many times that she thought of me as one of her own because she helped with me when I was a baby when she and my Mother lived across the street from one another. I have good memories of coming to Utah and staying at her house and playing with my cousins.  After my Mother passed away, I talked with my Aunt Lillie many times.  She was such a comfort to me and I am so thankful for her and her love! I will miss her but I know she is not suffering anymore and now she is so happy! I love you Aunt Lillie and I look forward to seeing you again!!

This is a picture given to my Mother, from Aunt Lillie. I think it was her senior year in high school.
After Grandmother Wilkerson's funeral. Cynthia Wilkerson Shaw, Lillie Wilkerson Compton, Breta Wilkerson Sorenson.
Lillie Wilkerson Compton, Breta Wilkerson Sorenson, Cynthia Wilkerson Shaw, Lillie and Benjamin Wilkerson


nathan n rachel said...

That was a sweet post Bonnie. Thanks. :)

We Three Madsens said...

Thanks Bonnie, I miss my grandma but Im so glad she isnt in pain anymore. It was sweet of you to post this.

Kaye and Mike said...

Thank you Bonnie. I didn't have that photo of my mother. I appreciate your support.