Thursday, July 2, 2009


From June 13-21 we went to Disneyland and to San Diego. My whole family (including my Mom) had planned this vacation back in January/February. My Mom and Dad had really wanted us to all go together as a family and they were excited to see their Grandkids at Disneyland. As you know, my Mom passed away in March. Our family decided we would still go on vacation (that's what my Mom would of wanted us to do). It was sad without her there, but we still had fun. In honor of my Mom, we all bought Mickey Ear hats with our names on them, including one for my Mom, and we had our picture taken with them on. We held up the hat with my Mom's name on it, so it was like she was with us in the picture. It meant a lot to us since she had been so excited for this vacation with her family.
Disneyland was so much fun! We really got into the pin trading. Mike, the girls and I also went to San Diego and Sea World. It was a much needed vacation and it was hard to come home!

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