Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mother's Belongings

My sister Debbie came and stayed at my Dad's house for two weeks, from July 3- July 19. My sisters and I had a big task ahead of us: going through and organizing 65 years worth of my Mother's things. We went through books, crafts, floral arranging stuff, Halloween, Easter, Valentines and some Christmas decoration, pictures, genealogy, our baby clothes, personal items, etc., etc. My Mom and Dad have a big house and plenty of storage space and so not much was thrown away over the years. Also, we had some of my Grandparents things since they had moved out and lived there the last years of their lives. We split up a few things that my Dad did not want, mostly craft stuff. Most of the stuff we organized in bins. The rest was either thrown away, or given to Deseret Industries. It was both healing and sad as we remembered and re-lived precious memories. We found lots of letters, cards, and pictures that we laughed and cried over. We felt very close to our Mother during this time, even though it is extremely hard to give or throw anything away.


Kaye and Mike said...

I'm sure that was hard for you. I'm glad that you found cards and letters. Those are always the most important things because they contain our loved ones thoughts and feelings. Love, Kaye

nathan n rachel said...

I cannot imagine how hard that must have been. I think it's great though that you were able to go through some of Aunt Cindy's things and relive those precious memories. My you forever hold onto those memories. One question: are the toys behind the couches still there?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine having to go through my parents things after the passing. I am sure there were moments of pain because of your loss and moments of joy as memories came back from years past.