Friday, October 30, 2009

Going to Grandpa's

Tonight we went to my Dad's house, so he could see the Grandkids in their Halloween costumes. In the past, my Dad and Mom would take turns going to mine or Amy's house on Halloween to see the Grandkids trick or treat. This year my Dad won't be able to go to either, so the kids wanted to show him their costumes. Mike dressed in his scary costume, too. My Dad got a good laugh at Mike and Karrie's scary costumes. The kids had a good time being with each other and their Grandpa Shaw!


nathan n rachel said...

That is some mask! Aren't the kids cute?

Being Breta said...

Happy Halloween! The costumes are great looking, and your Dad looks like he is having fun with the Grandkids. It doesn't get better than that for us grandparents!

Anonymous said...

Karrie is funny with her scary costume!! :) Ashley looks like a little princess as tinkerbell. Love the pictures!