Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkins and Paintbrush Cookies

I have good memories of making paintbrush cookies every year with my Mother and sisters. It is a tradition that I have carried on with my girls. I know that my sister's have carried it on with their families, also. As we were going through some of my Mother's belongings, we found the old cookie cutters that we used with the paintbrush cookies. My sisters and I divided the cookies cutters between us. My girls always enjoy making the paintbrush cookies, but this year they thought it was extra special to be using some of the cookie cutters that I used as a child! It meant a lot to me, too!
After we were through with the cookies, Karrie and Ashley carved their pumpkins. They turned out really cute! What a fun night!


Anonymous said...

My Mom always made paint brush cookies with us too. My Mother has a couple of boxes of cutters. I am glad your girls were able to enjoy the family tradition.

The Peay Family said...

Looks like fun. Sorry we missed you on Halloween. I'm glad we have blogs to keep up on each others lives.