Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This was the second Mother's Day without my Mother. It was a little easier this year, although no Mother's Day will ever be the same without her here! How very blessed I am to have had such a sweet and loving Mother! How thankful I am to be a Mother to my sweet and beautiful daughters! I learned so much from the righteous and loving example of my Mother. The person I am today, I owe to her. I only hope that I am such an example to my two daughters. I certainly try to be. I love them so much! I hope I will always be close to them as my Mother and I were.
We went to visit Grandma Jones on Friday evening for Mother's Day. We went to dinner at Costa Vida, then visited at the house. Ashley had lots of fun playing with Grandma Jones' hair and trying different hairstyles!
On Sunday (Mother's Day) we attended church and the Primary sang in Sacrament Meeting. They sang "Mother, I Love You" and "Mother Dear". Of course I was a little emotional as I listened. My Mother loved it when we sang "Mother, I Love You" to her on Mother's Day. It brought back memories. How special it was to see my daughter, Ashley, sing it to me with the Primary.
After church, we quickly went to see my Mother's grave. Amy had put some cut flowers and wreath on it from all of us. I added some cut flowers from my garden.
When we came home, Mike cooked dinner. It was Country Fried Steak and it was delicious! He also did the dishes! He didn't want me to do anything but relax on Mother's Day! I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband!!!
For Mother's Day, the girls had painted some cute little birdhouses for me and gave me a bleeding heart plant. Both of these ideas were helped along by my sister Amy! The girls also made me beautiful cards! Mike gave me a new camera for Mother's Day! It was a beautiful day and I felt so much love from my family!!


nathan n rachel said...

Ashley's hair looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful righteous example to your daugthers who, I am sure, will forever be grateful as we are our Mother's example, love, and sacrifice.