Friday, October 29, 2010

Dad's 69th Birthday

My Dad's birthday was on October 20th and he turned 69 years old. We could not go see him on his actual birthday since he was going to dinner at Amy's house. But it worked out because my Dad needed some help with the crown molding he is putting up in the house, so he asked if Mike could come help him. So, we went on Saturday October 23rd, to visit, give him his present and for Mike to help him. It is very hard to be at the house.  They have changed everything and there is hardly a thing left of my Mother. I do not feel my Mother's presence when I am there. There is no warm and loving feeling there since my Mother is not there. It is very different but I still try to go when I am welcome, so I can be with my Dad! Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!

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nathan n rachel said...

Are those new sofas that I see in the picture?