Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Silver Lake

On Sunday, Oct. 3rd, after we had dinner with the family at Grandma and Grandpa Jones and listened to the last session of General Conference, the girls wanted to go look at the fall colors in the canyon. We usually go to Cascade Springs in American Fork Canyon, but since we didn't have enough time to go there, we drove up to Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Since it is a higher elevation than Cascade Springs, there are not as many Maple trees. There are a lot of Aspens and Pines, so the colors were mostly yellow.  It was very beautiful!


Amy said...


Whitney and Camron Allen said...

Looks beautiful! Me and Cam need to go up there!

Being Breta said...

Bonnie, the scenery looks breathtaking, and so do your girls! They are growing up to be beautiful young ladies!