Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Christmas Tree for Grandmommy

My sister Amy bought a Christmas tree for my Mother's grave and thought it would be fun for some of the Grandkids to decorate it. We met Amy on Sunday, December 19th at my Mother's grave. The girls were really excited to decorate a tree for Grandmommy Shaw! Elizabeth was asleep in the car so Katelynn, Ashley and Karrie decorated the little tree. I know that my Mother is not there, only her mortal body. However, I know she knows that her Granddaughters and Daughters were doing this to show her how much they love her! It meant so much to the girls to do this for their Grandmommy whom they all miss so much! Katelynn said " Mamma will love this when she comes alive!" Amy and I explained that she is alive and she knows and loves that we are doing this for her! Merry Christmas Mother! We love you and miss you very much!!!

Karrie decorating the tree.

Ashley and Katelynn decorating the tree.

A ornament with a cardinal.  My Mother loved cardinals because they reminded her of South Carolina!


Anonymous said...

It is a cute little Christmas tree.

Amy said...

I thinks it's a great teaching tool so the children can learn about the Atonement of our Savior. It also helps the grieving process to do something tangible. I know our Mother is not physically here, but we are still mortal and need a way of expressing our love.

Being Breta said...

What a sweet and tender way to demonstrate your love to your Mother & the kid's Grandmother to decorate a Christmas tree! Thank you for remembering her in such a special manner!

nathan n rachel said...

What a great idea that was. You two are so lucky to still have each other. I should say three because of Debbie...though she doesn't live as close as Amy.