Friday, December 24, 2010

Ashley's Geography Bee

Ashley won her 5th grade class Geography Bee! On December 16th, she went on to participate in the the Butterfield Canyon Elementary 5th grade Geography Bee that included the winners of all the 5th grade classes. I was there to support her. She was nervous, but did a great job! There were extremely hard questions, a lot of them the 5th graders had not even learned about yet! She did not win, but I am so proud of her! Four of the seven questions she answered were correct.  She is excited next year to enter the 6th grade Geography Bee! Way to go Ashley!

Looking nervous!
Relieved it is over! We are so proud of Ashley!


nathan n rachel said...

Oh...I love geography! You go Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Good job Ashley!! I am afraid I wouldn't do very well in a geography bee. Congrats!