Friday, December 24, 2010

The Busy Month of December

I have been very busy this month and have not caught up on my blog. I have been working my on call catering job a lot in the past 2 weeks! Here are some things that have been happening in December:

The first week in December I had the joy of babysitting my cousin's (Emily) little baby while they were at a job interview in Santa Fe.  Jackson is such a sweet and precious little baby! My girls were so excited to have him at our house overnight! They had so much fun holding him and playing with him!

Sweet little Jackson
Karrie, Jackson, Ashley

On December 4th, I helped throw a bridal shower for Hayley (my nephew Matt's fiance).  They are such a cute couple and I am so happy for them! I took Jackson with me and everyone loved his chubby little face! Karrie and Ashley helped with him while at the shower.

Matt and Hayley

For family night on December 13th, we went to the mall to visit Santa Claus.  Ashley had a plan to ask Santa for something that only she would know about, and if he brought it on Christmas then she would know that he is REAL! Karrie, Mike and I all asked if she would tell us what she asked Santa for, but she would not tell us! She eventually gave in and told us

Once there was a Snowman.....tall, tall, the RAIN he melted.....small, small, small!

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Being Breta said...

Thanks for watching my little Grandson for Emily & Ryan! I love the pictures you took of him! He seems to be very happy at your house & with your girls.