Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sleepover at Grandpa's House

On Friday, November 26th the girls had a sleepover with their cousins at my Dad's house.  It was the first sleepover they have had there (with their cousins) since my Mother died. First, my Dad took us to Brick Oven to celebrate mine and Debbie's birthdays.  Then we went back to the house to visit.  Katelynn was going to spend the night, but ended up with the stomach flu. The kids were excited to be together.  They told me later that it was not as fun without my Mother (Grandmommy Shaw). It was a little strange having Faye there. Even though it is not the same, they enjoyed being together! I honestly don't know if they will spend the night there again, (I think next time we will stick to my house) but at least my Dad made an effort to have them there.  It is not often that they get to see their cousins from Idaho!

Dad (Grandpa), Ashley, Tessa & Austin.
Jacob & Karrie.
Ready for bed. Austin, Tessa & Ashley.
Not wanting to say Goodbye. Karrie, Ashley, Jacob, Tessa, Austin.
Karrie & Jacob.


Amy said...

I wish Katelynn could have stayed! I'm glad dad made the effort and your kids and Debbie's were able to spend the night. I'm sure it will be the last time since Faye's daughter and granddaugthers are moving in with them. The end of an era!

nathan n rachel said... get big so quick!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that your Dad made the effort and that Faye let him.

Being Breta said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! Happy to hear the cousins had that experience. It was good to see Tim, Debbie & the kids when they were in Cali at Thanksgiving time.